OPS hopes to offer you something different...

A fresh approach to the way we think about, get involved with and give to charity

How it works

 *Members pool together 1% of their income which is then distributed to a range of good causes they have chosen.

 *'Causes' can be whatever you choose. In our experience, helping grassroot organisations/smaller projects that are doing great work tackling specific issues but which lack the resources and expertise to fundraise can be very rewarding.

 In addition to your money making a really significant and tangible difference to their work, supporting smaller groups makes it possible to build genuine partnerships, bridging the gap between donors and beneficiaries.

 *OPS is about more than just giving. We have a better chance of tackling long term issues if more people feel more trusting of and meaningfully engaged with charity. Our view, is that small groups that empower members to make their own decisions and offer the chance for genuine involvement in the project are the best way to achieve this.

To read more about our objectives and how we operate see FAQs

Get involved

Based on this idea, we are putting together a free A-Z guide (complete with bespoke web-site) on how you, along with any friends/colleagues, can set up and run your own OPS group, with the absolute minimum of hassle and all without interfering with the demands of your daily 9-5(?!) commitments.

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